Fortress Melbourne might be closed, but we're still online! 

Our team has been brewing up a bunch of solutions to keep you all connected and entertained whilst we ride out isolation together.

We're all in isolation, but that doesn't mean we have to be alone! 

Check out our new community spaces where you can stay up to date on all Fortress Melbourne content, find groups to game with, and make some new friends.

The Fortress Melbourne Facebook Group is open for everyone to join, and we'll be posting regular updates about upcoming events and activities there.

We want this to be a place for all of you to stay up to date with everything Fortress will be running, find casual gaming groups, or just to hang out!

Our discord server is live! For those who aren't familiar with Discord, it's a messaging service built specifically for gaming and community groups. 

You'll be able to join various channels with specific topics, or jump into voice chat channels to game with people from all around Melbourne.

Looking for something to do that isn't binge watching Netflix? Fortress is here to deliver a tonne of online programming to keep every day fresh. 

There's something for everyone — casual gaming events, streams, community groups, gaming guides, and tournaments!

Make sure you're subscribed and join us on our social channels so you'll receive all the latest updates as these events start rolling out over the month.

Here's a sneak peek of what we've got coming up soon!

The Tavern is moving online to bring you all the social gaming and entertainment we've been missing out on. 

Casual competitions & challenges, Friday Knock-off gaming, 24/7 dedicated online servers, group matchmaking, and even hosted Trivia! 

Loaded Fries is back! We're bringing all of your Tavern favourites right to your door with Menulog, so look out for us on the app in the next week or so. Check your delivery bags for some extra Fortress goodies!

No footy, no basketball, no mixed netball... why not play video games? 

Fortress and Alienware are here to serve up competitive gaming right to your living room, with divisions for all skill levels to compete in.

We've got a bunch of events coming up that you can join solo or as a team so you can get your competitive fix!

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