Grand Prix Season Singapore FAQ

What game will I be playing?

Laps will be set on the Marina Bay Street Circuit on F1® 22


How many laps can I do?

Each racer is entitled to three laps per race/turn. This should take no longer than 10 mins. Racers attempting to complete additional laps or not acting in good faith risk disqualification. It's up to you how you use these laps as only the fastest time will be recorded.


Which assists can I use when setting laps?

It's up to you! Racers who are familiar with both the equipment, game, and the type of assists available are welcome to adjust these settings to their liking. No one will be penalised for using their preferred assists. 


Can I still race if I'm not over 18?

Although prizes can only be claimed by entrants over 18 years of age, minors are still welcome to race and try out the rigs. Lap times will be recorded and will appear on the leaderboard, but will not be considered a competition entry. If a minor sets one of the fastest laps of the day, prizes will be awarded to the next fastest valid time from an entrant aged 18+.


What racing equipment is being used throughout Grand Prix Season Singapore?


How can I win prizes?

There are a few ways! The fastest lap overall will claim the major prize - a trip to Singapore for the Grand Prix. The fastest three laps each day will also score prizes. There's even a little surprise for the first 20 entrants each day! 

Please note that you can only claim a daily prize ONCE. If you set the fastest lap each day, you may claim the daily prize on the first day (plus the major prize if you're the fastest overall), and forfeit the prizing on any other days. The prize will be awarded to the next fastest, valid time-setter.


Do I need to book? How many times can I race?

No bookings required! Grand Prix Season Singapore can be entered by scanning a QR code in the Alienware Arena when you arrive and registering for the digital queue. Once your name has been called, you have thirty seconds to present to the 'Pit Lane'. Failing to do so will lead to disqualification. Racers are welcome to register as many times as they like, but must do so AFTER each turn - you cannot register several times in a row without racing.


How can I check the current fastest lap?

From 5th - 7th August, each race day will be live streamed on This stream features the current leaderboard and can also be found on the Grand Prix Season Singapore page.


Will I be able to use the racing rigs after the event?

The rigs will only be available for public use for the duration of the event. For future F1 activations and racing-game events, subscribe to our mailing list to stay in the loop!